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You Can Download k53 learners test software Digitally. Make sure you fill in the form after you have purchased your Key code
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You can now learn from the Comfort of your PC & Laptop by making use of our software:

  • Pass Your Test Easily
  • Road Rules
  • Road Signs
  • Controls Of A Vehicle
  • Over 1000 Road Signs
  • Build In Self Test
  • Progress Monitor

You can download the K53 Learners direct to your PC or Laptop.

  1. Download the Software
  2. Install it
  3. you will get to the registration page
  4. you need to buy a key code
  5. when you have received your key code via email or sms you can enter all the required details and click register now
  6. Have Fun and Pass your Test 1st TIME!!

Download k53 learners test software
K53Learners & Drivers Software excluding book  R299.00



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Download K53Learners Now (Digital Download 32mb). 2017/03/04 release

After you have downloaded your software you can now buy your activation key and send your payment confirmation to and you will receive a mail with your code or you can fill out this form and add confirmation to it. NB Make sure you Install as Administrator.

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