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Support – K53 learners

Download our latest version (recommended). 23mb

Issues Reported:
Complaint: Font and Program out of proportion
Solution: Right Click on the desktop and select Personalize and then click on Display Change the size back to default

Screen Settings

Screen Settings

Complaint: Program not Registering
Solution: Uninstall and re-install as administrator then make sure you run the program as Administrator

Complaint: No internet Connection (but your internet is connected)
Solution: disable your firewall or anti virus for the registration then enable it after Some firewalls and antivirus block application internet access by default.

Things you Should Know before installing the software:

  1. Make sure you are the administrator: Right click on installation file (Setup.exe) -click on Run as Administrator if you get a Password Prompt then you need to enter the administrator password.
  2. For people using internet over a network where others are connected like an office etc. may have an issue “No Internet connection” this is due to a firewall on a server that overrides your firewall settings.
  3. If you are not an Administrator and want to use the Software make sure its running as administrator for all users.

For Unlisted Problems

For Remote Support please download Team Viewer
install it Call us 072 571 7390
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